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Advertising Opportunities on T2PTV and media creation with T2P Media 2010

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T2PTV Welcome to T2PTV. Currently playing in our viewer above is a brief glimpse of what we do here at T2PTV. To the sailing public we are a media producer and broadcaster for sailing having produced over 600 sailing shows that have been viewed over four million times to date. To find out more about what we do click any of the link boxes below:

T2PMedia T2P Media is your source for Internet advertising expertise in video: From micro ad spots to full product and corporate infomercials. From placement to stickiness T2P Media is all abou tthe message and producing tangible results. Here is a quick two minutes on a new porduct.

Ad spots on T2PTV At T2P Media we have created a number of great video ad spots from Nano ads to 30 second spots. Click here to play one of our latest Micro spots targeting a local sailing audience.

For more information about our advertising packages and what we can do please contact Lindsay Foster lindsay@t2p.tv or call 410.280.0004.

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