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Dr. James "Buddy" Powell : A lifetime serving the sea...

Dr James "Buddy" Powell

Dr. Buddy Powell has spent his life on the water as a sailor and boater but more importantly as one of the world's foremost marine scientists. Buddy has worked for over 40 years to conserve manatees and other endangered species around the world, and his efforts have resulted in coastal protected areas in Florida, West Africa, Central America and now Cuba. His approach has been integrating science and education to unlock solutions to conservation issues.

Dr. Powell is the Executive Director of the Sea to Shore Alliance which is committed to the conservation of our coastal environment for endangered species and the human livelihoods that depend on it.

Sea to Shore Alliance

Sea to Shore Alliance website:

Good Morning America revisited Crystal River with Phillipe Cousteau with Buddy Powell.

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As sailors we are all interested in our coastal environment and its protection so here is our chance to find out more about it and lend a hand.

This is the first of many planned episodes with Dr. Powell. This first one is our introduction to Buddy and gives a brief glimpse into who he is and what he has accomplished. Underwater manatee footage kindly provided by Tom Veltre. North Sails is the proud sponsor of this series.

On Demand Wednesday April 28th after 11am EDT.

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Buddy Powell

Buddy Powell

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Tom Veltre