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To view t2p.tv coverage of sailing events, major sailing regattas and interviews with sailing's best, you must register once with t2p.tv and become either a Viewer (for free) or a Subscriber. What's the difference between a t2ptv Broadband subscription and the free connection? READ ON...

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The free connection allows viewing t2ptv content in standard resolution in the std viewer (the same size as the viewer on the homepage but at a lower, 400kps, quality feed).

Become a T2PTV Subscriber To view on the big Screen and more!


To view t2p.tv sailing videos in full screen high resolution you must subscribe to t2p.tv. We offer subscription by the month @ $6.95 per month as a recurring charge (you are billed every month until you unsubscribe). This service can be canceled at any time (see below for details). You can also sign up for a yearly subscription for $70.00 a savings of over a $1 a month.

A t2ptv broadband subscription delivers our best quality feed at 960kps and 64bit stereo, in a viewer that is four times as large and switchable to full screen viewing. t2ptv subscribers receive permission rights to copy shows from the internet for personal use. Subscribers are offered exclusive t2p products and earn substantial discounts on many other t2ptv products. It's a great value at $6.95 a month and an exceptional value at $70 a year, about the same price as one month of home cable for a year's worth of sailing.

To UNSUBSCRIBE click the black "member profile" tab at the top of this (or any) page and follow the instructions.

The full screen high resolution content at t2p.tv requires a broadband connection (960kps or higher) and works best using Internet Explorer and the latest version of Windows Media Player.

Get Windows Media PlayerIf you don't have the latest version of Windows Media Player click on logo to the right and you will be redirected to Microsoft's download page.

Did you know that t2p.tv has over 40 Events and 100 shows On Demand? Check out the program guide to see what's on.

T2PTV reaches the sailing audience every day with new content added every week from around the world and offers great advertising opportunities whether it's show ad spots to banners ads to infomercials. For more information contact LINDSAY FOSTER at T2PTV 410.280.0004. Or click this link for instant email: lindsay@t2p.tv