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Buy DVDs of shows featuring major regattas, sailing destinations, as well as our Race Boat Crewing and Ultimate Opti Racing instructional videos.

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Sailing Fitness: Optis to the America's Cup on DVDAnnapolis Sailing Fitness Presents:

Sailing Fitness: Optis to the America's Cup

Sponsored by North Sails and Gill.

Harry Legum of Annapolis Sailing Fitness brings us this perfect workout video for all sailors: From Opti kids, to Olympic hopefulls, to daysailors and Offshore racers. This is the complete workout on DVD specifically designed for sailors.

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The Ultimate opti racing DVD Ultimate Opti Racing DVD presented by Mclaughlin & North Sails This 35 minute instructional DVD is the complete learning tool for opti sailors who want to find the competitive edge. Great for all Opti sailors from the Green fleet on up. This DVD contains instruction from rigging, to sail trim, through boat handling in all weather and sea conditions. A perfect gift for the Opti enthusiast.

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Race Boat Crewing VideoRace Boat Crewing DVD
is the ultimate reference for racing crews. Click here for additional details on this instructive DVD.


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Upside Down is Slow on DVD Upside Down is Slow

Presented by North U. t2ptv's look at past years of sailing bloopers from around the world.

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Crash Burn and Boogie 2009 Crash Burn & Boogie

Thrills Spills and Highlights and a whole lot more from the archives of T2PTV.



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