T2P is an amalgamation of talented people with big ideas and a love for creating in any form of multi-media, with most having a long history linked to sailing. T2P at it's core are the people listed below. T2P also has a wide web of other talented people from around the world who help make the gears turn in the business.

The company began in 2000 when Tucker Thompson and Bruce Nairn decided that it was time to jump on the promotional side of sailing after a lifetime of yacht racing. That effort began with getting Marriott to support the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Baltimore. It was shortly there after that a fledging video production and online broadcast company was born with the help of Rick Deppe and mentored by Gary Jobson. After having produced and aired thousands of shows with millions of views T2P has arrived here; Winning national awards for the work and covering model boats to the J Class Yachts, from Optis to the America's Cup, and a whole lot in between.

We love what we do, are very seroius about our work, but have the hearts of little kids...


Bruce Nairn

Bruce NairnPresident of Operations (POPS) - The muscle at T2P

Bruce started life as a water rat and boatyard brat a million years ago, sailing to the Bahamas when it was a real adventure that later became a way of life. There were thousands of sailing miles; in the Baltic, Hong Kong and Peru including an attempted hijacking, a robbery at gunpoint, dozens of waterspouts and a hurricane at sea. An early stint in naval architecture led Bruce to a twenty-five year fermentation in the marine industry only to be finally uncorked at T2PTV engaging artistic talents long dormant.



Ashley Love

Ashley LoveEditor in Chief - The talent behind the productions at T2P

Ashley grew up on Barnegat Bay in New Jersey sailing everything from Optis to E-Scows.  After coaching little tikes and highschoolers for years Ashley decided to stick with sailing. She first to moved to Sydney, Australia followed by coaching jobs at Hobart and William Smith Colleges where she made videos of the team's practices and competitions. Deciding this was cool, she hired herself at T2P and took over content control. Helicopter shoots and mast climbs are all part of the gig but it's the artwork that makes Ashley shine.

Dave Dunigan

Dave DuniganDirector of Human Resources - Freelance extraordinaire for T2PTV

Known by his friends as DJ, he defines free spirit and calls it like he sees it. Dave is an artist through and through; by photography foremost (He once sold photographic paper to Ansel Adams back in the day in San Francisco) and video if you make him. The results are DJ's great pictures here. Sailing defines him by tens of thousands of miles, a great portion of these on many well known racing yachts. He loves the trinkets too, having navigated across the Atlantic using his iPhone before anyone knew what a app really did. It is Dave who keeps us up to date in the tech world. His humor and great talent are welcome additions.

Tucker Thompson                                                                            

Tucker and his Sunfish

Ex Officio Emeritus - The voice of T2P     

For Tucker, the love of sailing started in a small beach town in Delaware, where he was hooked from the very first day. The sport became life consuming and Tucker went on to become a championship sailor reaching the America's Cup with America True. Along side sailing Tucker became a writer, a sailing coach, and finally fulfilled a life long dream by becoming a TV commentator for the America's Cup in 2007. In between there were a lot of TV shows and thousands of web broadcasts on T2PTV as host.


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